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ca 10 minutes on Root Cause Analysis

Throughout all the things I’ve talked about in this series; mission, vision, strategic plans and kanban there’s a underlying concept. We want to improve. We want to be better in achieving our vision.

If you want to improve you will have to be great in fixing problems. Not only fixing the problems but the actual underlying reason for the problem to occured in the first place.

Root cause analysis is a powerful tool for doing that. This is what I talk about in this presentation.

Here’s all the post in the series (the links will work as I post them):

Please read the reason and ideas behind the entire series in the first post.

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QA: How big is a work item?

Sometimes people email questions to me, directly. I love that (although I sometime need to postpone the answering for awhile) because it gives me such nice insight into how other teams work and function. Basically: I learn more and as you can see from the tag line of this blog… I’m into learning stuff.

The other day I got a question that I’ve heard before in variants. It’s also very reasonable and a bit complicated to answer: “How big is a work item really?”

I also got permission to publish the whole question and my answer here.

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Getting Elixir to run on my OsX (init terminating in do_boot)

I hear more and more about Elixir from some people that I really trust and respect. That means checking-out-new-technology-time for Marcus.

Luckily installing Elixir on Os X (Yosemite 10.10, that I’m running) is super simple with Homebrew:

brew update
brew install elixir

Or is it …

Not for me as it turns out. I hope you had a better fate. This is my story.

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Only help those that want help

I tweeted this the other day:

I continued to think a bit about that, especially after a little bit depressing response I got.

What would the opposite to that be? Help those that doesn’t want help. How stupid doesn’t sound? Or “Don’t help those that want help.”

I don’t know how much time and effort I’ve spent on the opposite. Trying to convince people that they need to change, when they don’t want too. Or forcing (yes, sorry … they told me to) a new process or methodology on team who were quite content with their ways and procedure.

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ca 15 minutes on Kanban

In this presentation I break it down to the day-to-day management of a project or team. How can we keep our focus? How can we improve? How do we even know what we are doing right now?

As no surprise to to readers of this blog this will be accomplished with kanban.

Here’s all the post in the series (the links will work as I post them):

Please read the reason and ideas behind the entire series in the first post.

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ca 15 minutes on Impact mapping

Having your mission, vision and strategy in place are essential but result in nothing, if you can’t make sure that you execute them. Can’t make sure that you take steps in your strategic plan to get closer to the vision. One of the best tools I’ve seen around this, on the strategic level, is called Impact Mapping. This presentation is devoted to this tool

Here’s all the post in the series (the links will work as I post them):

Please read the reason and ideas behind the entire series in the first post.

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ca 15 minutes on strategic plans

This is the third presentation I’ve done on mission, vision and strategic plans (and other stuff too). The time has come to strategic plans.

A strategic plan outlines our ideas, suggestions and plans for taking us from where we are today to … closer to the vision.

Here’s all the post in the series (the links will work as I post them):

Please read the reason and ideas behind the entire series in the first post.

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ca 10 minutes on Vision statements

This is the second post about my presentation series on Mission, Vision and Strategy and some other things.

In this post I will hook you up with my presentation on Vision statements.

Here’s all the post in the series (the links will work as I post them):

Please read the reason and ideas behind the entire series in the first post.

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ca 10 minutes on Mission statements

My main task here in Indonesia is to help our hospital to work out good strategic plans. It’s a very interesting task since long-term strategies seems to not be very prominent in the Indonesia culture.

There’s also a translation issue about the word itself, Misi (mission), apparently have a different meaning for Indonesians that I use it. In this presentation I clarify how I use the word: as the reason for an organization to exists - our purpose.

Here’s all the post in the series (the links will work as I post them):

Please read the reason and ideas behind the entire series in the first post.

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New series: Marcus on mission, vision and strategy... and doing it

Where I currently work there’s been a problem with budgets for traveling. And another with authority. Which basically mean that the people that I’m here to try to help will not get my help; there’s no money to travel there and I have no authority, which is basically a deal-breaker in Indonesia.

What to do? Well, since I grow bored very fast without anything to do I tried to find a way.

I started a series of presentations about the topic I wanted to talk with “my clients” about, recorded them and uploaded to YouTube. I even made extra effort to do great subtitles, in two languages, just to increase the chance that they will understand me.

Before anyone tells me; yes - I know that this is maybe the worst possible way of making sure that you get an important message across to someone that needs it. But it’s what I can do now.

So, again, this was something bad that made me find a way to turn it into something good. I now had to record and prepare better presentations. And I can share it with you. Win-win-win in my book! Yah!

I will do a little series of posts here, where I share these presentations with you.

Here’s all the post in the series (the links will work as I post them):

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McDonalds - a tool to explain flow

This post brought to you in cooperation with … no. Just kidding.

The other day I went with my kids to McDonalds here in Bandung. For some reason this is still the incarnation of celebration for them. “Yah! Soft burgers with hard pressed meat!” And me; I’m happy when they are happy.

As I stood in line I noticed a problem. The queue kept of customers kept piling up, but no one got served. Being the one I am I tried to analyze the situation and in doing so I realized that a McDonalds restaurant is a very good way to explain flow.

In this post I’ll try to tell you what I meant.

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How to add and translate subtitles for your YouTube video in 10 minutes

I work for the Salvation Army in Indonesia right now with 6 hospitals spread throughout this vast country. Due to an extremely tight budget for travelling in our office I have tried to leave some kind of teaching behind. For that reason I have created a little series of presentations on important topics. The first three are about mission, vision and strategic plans and are about 10-15 minutes each.

Being in Indonesia I had to translate the entire presentation into Bahasa Indonesia which is spoken here. Sadly I don’t speak that good enough. I did the presentations in English and then used the excellent tooling of YouTube to add a subtitles and then translate them into Indonesian. It worked really well and was surprisingly easy.

In this post I’ll show you what I did so that you can increase the reach of your presentations / videos too.

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It's just context - a story about my ignorance

I have a story to tell you. It’s mostly about me and my ignorance, I’m sad to say.

But thinking about this have thought me a lot and I hope that you will learn a little as well. During the YOW conference at Perth I probably told this story 5-8 times (to different people mind you). Every time there was fruitful discussions.

This is NOT a post about THEM and (or versus) ME. It’s a post about me, and my reasoning. The story is just context as you soon will realize. Don’t worry there’s plenty of room for personal reflection throughout the post - should you grow tired of me.

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Installing CasperJs - a journey of pain

My friends on twitter keeps telling my that CasperJs is great (“da bomb”) for end-to-end-testing. Since I’ve been doing a lot of that, in .NET I took a look and it looks great.

I thought to myself: “Let’s install it and play around. How hard can it be?” Well as it turns out… for me at least, the installing part was a pain.

I’m on OS X Yosemite and I had nothing but problems. Yesterday I got it to work. This is my story.

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Meteor and the 'Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token Y' error

Right now my head is spinning from the awesomeness that is Meteor. I am somewhere in between “This is too much magic to really believe…” and “Wow - why have I ever built anything with anything else before!”.

Just a short little post about an error that have caused me problems. Here’s the error, that most likely pops up in your browser console:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token Y

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New PluralSight Course: io.js ... (or is it?)

For the last couple of months I have used io.js to run all my Node applications. I’m not going back. The transition has been very smooth, with a few minor things that you need to think about. And as always; I improved my existing skills by just moving outside the comfort zone a little bit.

I thought that my journey could be an interesting PluralSight course. So did they.

I’m happy to release this as my second course on PluralSight, Koa Js being the first.

Here’s the link to the course

A very interesting challenge presented itself at the end of the production as well. Tell you soon.

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Make a command to count my files

This is a very hands-on post, since I thought the last couple of ones (including the one I just threw away) was a bit high flying.

Here we go - I have grown into a bit of a statistics maniac, especially when it comes to my blog. I’m not getting better and I like it. :)

I now found myself in a situation where I simply wanted to count the number of files in my posts directory. In the terminal of my Mac.

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50 quick ideas to improve your tests - a review

They’ve done it again. Gojko Adzic, David Evans and, in this book, Tom Roden has written another 50 quick ideas book. And this one is equally good as the previous book on user stories. If not even better.

From the looks of it there’s a whole concept around these quick ideas and, fingers crossed, we can expect much more goodness like this.

This is my review after reading the book in the worst possible manner. I’ll tell you why. But even doing so I got so much out of this book and my tool belt expanded significantly.

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YOW West 2015 - some thoughts

I’m at the airport waiting to go back to Indonesia after great Yow West 2015 conference. As always the mind is filled with impressions and memories. And as always when you think back is mostly the great people you met that sticks in your head.

I just realize that there’s like an “agile culture” that I’ve now seen all over the world. I met a lot of people that I’ve never seen or interacted with but still, since we have read, thought about and worked around the same things the connection was immediate and I felt right at home directly.

The agile community in Australia is really vibrant and filled with awesome people championing conferences like YOW and Agile Australia. Standing a big risk of forgetting someone I had such a great time meeting Dave Thomas, Craig Smith and Nigel Dalton that was running the conference in Perth.

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No #No - more #Less

Twitter is a wonderful forum and I owe much of my knowledge and progress from sparks found in tweets and from following interesting people and threads. But according Spiderman wisdom it, like all thing powerful;

yada yada yada ... great responsibility

I have seen many of my good friends being bashed, or they themselves lashing out towards people on Twitter. A couple of times I have been hit by just a small portion of that and it hurts. I’ve considered quitting it altogether a couple time. As many of my colleagues has done.

In this post I wanted to examine a Twitter phenomena and see what I can learn about how I communicate. Please join me.

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