Bicycle comeback

· October 24, 2006

Today when i bicycled to work it was, as always in Sweden this season, dark. So in order to see anything i switched on my headlight on the bike.

My bike is not very good so for the third time in a short while (broken wheel, flat tire and not the headlight) something broke on the bike.

About 200 meters after the light had faded for the morning i met a guy. He had just climed a steep hill and was not in a good mood. He probably also was a person very concerned with following laws and regulations. So, in a not very friendly mood, he shouted: “Maybe a lightbulb, don’t you think?”

Of course we had passed each other before i could think of any good comeback. I laughed for while but then it has nagged me the whole day. This is the basis for a whole Seinfeld episode where George tries to recreate a situation just to be able to deliver a great comeback.

Instead of thinking of a comeback i started to wonder about that urge. Everybody has it from time to time, i’m sure. What is the official term for it? Comebacking? Revenge-urge?

I hope a great comeback will materialize itself in my brain before the morning, and that i will meet the biker again… and that my light will go out again… but then… sweet revenge

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