Brassband silly season

· November 16, 2006

My band, the <span id=”SPELLING_ERROR_0” classVasa band of the Salvation Army, is entering the busiest season of the year - the Christmas season! I counted to 9 gigs during this season with different sizes of the band.

If brassbanding had as much to do during all of the year as under the Christmas season there would be a lot of more professional bands around, i can promise you.

One thing that strikes me every year this happens (i.e. almost every year) is that it’s so easy to get lost in the busy-ness surrounding Christmas. This is also well known, we say this to each other each year; but do we remember the true reason for Christmas: Jesus and his coming to this earth for you and me.

During the gigs we have we will have lots of opportunities to introduce pieces and this will be my main theme this year; don’t forget! For you, for your sake - a gift. Jesus.

Alright - got a great idea last afternoon just before leaving work - let’s see if it’s still around

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