Swedish brass band championships - revisited

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on November 13, 2006

The Swedish brass band championships took place this weekend and as i hope it became the best brass band competition ever in Sweden.

Also to my prediction the Gothenburg Brass band went home with the first price. I am quite proud of getting the first three band, in the right order a month ahead of the competition. The only thing i missed was the points. See for yourself
To my opinion Gothenburg was best on the own choice program (the part i heard) - but not with as much as i expected. Windcorp really made a very very good effort with Tristan Encounters - which is a very hard piece indeed.
Stockholm was also a happy surprise - very good. I believe that they fell on the non-brass band sound. But the trombone section in the last part of Isaiah 40 was really impressive. So loud, so rich in sound - great stuff! Thank you!
Full results from the competition can be found here

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