Weekend impressions

· November 27, 2006

The silly season i wrote about is taking off! This weekend we had two very contrasting gigs with the VasaBand (Salvation Army).

First we played at a sale at the corps - one of those “could you play something nice but not too loud please”-gigs. It was good fun though and we had a great time in the band.

And yesterday we played in the Stockholm City Hall - close to 1500 people came. It would have been good if they all came for us … but this was the Salvation Army Christmas Concert and we were the “picturesque” Salvation Army-stuff in the concert. A lot of famous Swedish artists were there too. However the band played exceptionally well, i thought, and we probably raised a few eyebrows.

This week we have only two gigs - both on Sunday. And rehearsal of course. Looking forward to both.

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