Weird stuff on the agenda

· December 14, 2006

I am from today starting a period with some really weird stuff on my schedule:

  • Today i will be a Santa at Elins work. I have never done the Santa-stuff before, will have to choose a voice later today
  • Tomorrow i will give a presentation on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). This is scary since so many people have things to say about it. I have prepared and hope that it will work out alright.
  • Saturday - playing with the Salvation Army. Typical Christmas stuff for me and a lot of people in the world.
  • On Sunday there is a gig with the Vasa Band in some church. It will be fun
  • And then to top things of with - on Tuesday the 19th the Vasa Band will be “door” number 19 in the “advent”-calender in the Old Town in Stockholm

As I said a lot of really different and weird stuff. But all of them are fun. I hope I will have time to buy some Christmas presents also.

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