Weekend with the Band

· December 11, 2006

Just back from a wonderful weekend with the Gothenburg Brass Band. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the entire weekend together with the band and it made me feel again as a part of this wonderful group.

We did three sold out concerts and a late night party, not counting the rehearsals and good times together. Although i was thorn apart by not playing in the band (did a few subs though; euphonium, baritone and percussion!) i immediately felt the warmth and spirit of the band.

The weekend also celebrated the 25=”blsp-spelling-error” onclick=”BLOG_clickHandler(this)”>th anniversary of the band and a lot of the celebrations was, with due right, directed to Bengt Eklund - the founder, director and inspiration for the band during all these years. By now everyone knows that Bengt is ill and it felt very good to be able to do such a good show and party for his sake.

The shows contained some really wonderful soloist; Jonas <span id=”SPELLING_ERROR_8” classOlsson on the piano, Karolina”blsp-spelling-error” onclick=”BLOG_clickHandler(this)”>Andersson who sung marvelously and the fun and well playing <span id=”SPELLING_ERROR_11” classdr Bob <span-spelling-error” onclick=”BLOG_clickHandler(this)”>Kase.

I had a great time with the band and a great time <span id=”SPELLING_ERROR_13” classMC’ing the whole thing - it was a privilege to be part of it all.

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