YBS-era to an end?

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on December 13, 2006
Well, this is probably no news to people reading 4BarsRest, but one of the most successful bands in later years (ever?) is being dis-assembled as we speak (?).

Since Sunday all of the key players and the conductor has left the band in a single file:
  • David King - conductor and primus motor for the band since 13 years

  • Sheona White - solo horn

  • Steven Walsh - solo euphonium, who by the way made the gutsiest move in the business by stepping up to take up the solo euphonium chair after Morgan Griffiths. Respect!

  • Stuart Linguard - principal cornet

I can't imaging how the band has planned to cope with these problems but i hope they do! YBS stands for a quality above the rest and probably have improved the brass band movement as a whole with their performances. I, for one, has listen to some recordings of test pieces over a hundred times (yes, i am a nerd...)

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