Happy times

· January 18, 2007

After my last post i feel the need to write something positive, since that only mad me angry…

Right now i feel so good with my life! There are so many things, people and things to do that makes me happy everyday. Here are a shortlist:

  • Elin - i am so lucky to have met her. We have so much fun together and she alone could be the reason for me being happy.
  • Vasa - i really enjoy the Salvation Army corps i am at right now.
  • VasaBand - and the band in that corps. Great guys, great band. The fellowship and the dedication to God is genuine and good. It makes me come closer to God each day.
  • Euphonium playing - i am right now in “the flow” for my euphonium playing, and have some very interesting “project” coming up

Altogether that make me feel great and makes me cope with other things that not is equally fun. But hey, you need salt and sugar in your life, don’t you?

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