Mobilephones forbidden on the subway in Stockholm

· January 22, 2007

Just so that you know where you read it first…

Since the start of the year the company running the subway and buses in Stockholm, SL has banned mobile phones on the first and last wagon (of three!) in all subway trains. Note that it doesn’t mean “have your mobile on silent mode” but rather “don’t talk in your mobile at all”.

This is so stupid! What is next - you can’t talk at all in wagon 1?

Extra funny is that =”blsp-spelling-error” onclick=”BLOG_clickHandler(this)”>SL really are plugging the mobile as a great way of communicating with them. A lot of efforts has been put in to set up sites and portals for mobiles. Very nice then that you can’t use it on the trains and buses…

I bet that we will laugh at this in a year or so. So - as i said at the top: here is where you read it first. Don’t forget it

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