Edit web.config in nice GUI

· January 11, 2007

Yesterday was really intense! A complete day chasing a bug through the code and around servers. Felt so good to find it after about 7 hours of searching for me and a colleague.

When we ran around the servers and checked configurations i found a dialog box in IIS 6.0 that i never saw before. I realize that this probably is embarrassing to yield but i do it anyway.

There is a possibility to see and change the values of the web.config file from IIS in a much nicer GUI than the usual “Visual” Notepad. You can also change a lot of other configurations from this dialog.

  1. Right click your site or virtual directory and do Properties
  2. Choose the ASP.NET-tab
  3. Choose Edit-configuration
  4. Now the web.config for your application is opened and displayed (fancy that!), with possibility change the values.

This is a much nicer presentation of all the values in the config-file, easier to get an overview from. I like a lot, found a new friend i think

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