Bug in Visual Studio 2005

· January 12, 2007

Just started to do some serious development with Windows Forms in Visual Studio 2005. A bug showed it’s ugly face. Here is how it goes:

In your windows application project you create some usercontrols. They appear in the toolbox for you to use in all your forms. Everbody is happy!

But when you put your windows applilcation project into a solution folder this doesn’t work anymore… This is confirmed by Microsoft and not corrected with Visual Studio 2005 SP1.

There are some suggestions for workarounds and the one that i tried was to add toolbox items by referencing the output of my windows application. But then i got another problem, a warning something like: “The type [usercontrol] in ‘[my output]’ conflicts with the imported type [usercontrol] in ‘[my output]’”

So - the solution to this problem was to suppress this warning (0436) in the application configuration (Properties->Build-tab->Errors and warnings).

It’s not nice but it works and it’s far better than to have all your projects in the root of your solution.

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