Weekend to an end

· March 26, 2007

After a really busy weekend i have just started a “get-back-into-shape-week”… That happens quite a lot to me - the weekends are more hectic than the weeks. So you need to shape up in the weeks.

This weekend has been mainly coloured by the celebration of my Salvation Army Corps 40 years anniversary. This was a major success with a music festival with the band at the Saturday to a capacity audience - that was a very long time ago indeed. So fun, so blessed and a lot of warmth to be shared. The band played to its best even though i wrecked that last note of my duet… Well it happens, but not to often i hope.

The Sunday was also great with a celebration with the whole corps, which include the string band (yes, they still hang around), a youth choir, the band and the great Vasa Gospel. The gospel choir is great - if you ever have the time to hear them. Do!

All in all this weekend has made me very proud of my church. It’s like that feeling you have on the last day of a camp. You know - the one you miss when you get home… but this feeling stays. And its great.

Thanks all for a great weekend

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