· March 8, 2007

During the last months i have snowed in on Agile development. I don’t really know why i first started to look at it but i think it has to do with that all the problems that agile methods claims to solve they always state in the outset of the description of the method. For example:

  • Does the requirements often change in your project?
  • Would you like a system that improved in quality over time?
  • Is your system hard to test?
  • Is it hard to predict how long time or how big a change in your system is?
  • … and more of the same kind…

It’s all very “selly” and provocative but i have actually ran into most of these points in projects, recent and distant.

Altogether this force me into looking into it more which probably (and hopefully) will reflect on the blog.

Here is a quite annoying but also informative lecture on why to go agile… by “Uncle Bob”

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