Scary stuff 1 - taken down

· April 18, 2007

The presentation yesterday went well. Just thought I’ll drop that in here since i have being bringing it up again and again.

About 120 people in the auditorium and circa 20-40 people listening in via video-link… quite cool, even though it made the presentation a bit harder. A funny (but nice) calmness came over me the minute i stepped up on the stage. I also managed to keep the timing of the presentation down to the minute (a first for me :))

The presentation was about SCRUM and it was quite well received. I’ve heard several people talking about it (both positive and negative word) already - which i take as a good thing. I could post the slides here if only BlogSpot allowed me.

So - continuing today on my road to a working environment, but much lesser amount of butterflies in the stomach…

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