VB.NET - not that bad

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on April 20, 2007
Just for the record i also need to add a small notice as an answer to my battering of VB.NET.... It's not to bad actually.

I switched syntax in about a day and feel quite at home with it now. A few things that is a bit strange for the kind of language that VB.NET is (i.e. helpful and forgiving):
  • The refactor menu from Visual Studio 2005 is gone! Why is that? It so good... Well found a freeware download which i am using now. The GUI of that download is really cool, maybe a bit irritating after a while, even.
  • Namespaces are a bit troublesome. If you create a folder in your project and then add a class into it, the class still get the project default namespace. I've been doing some googeling about it but cannot find a solution to it...

But all in all i like it quite much for now.

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