We'll meet again...

· April 20, 2007

At my new customer (a big insurance company in Sweden) i have met so many friends and people i know from the past, that i am just amazed over how small Sweden is. Or IT in Sweden are a more correct way of putting it.

Here is a small list of people I’ve met so far:

  • First day - met a friend that i knew from my first IT-job, at Skandia. Henrik something. I haven’t seen him since i stopped work there in 1999
  • Second day - learned and met the chief business architect for my project… He is my neighbour from a year back. He met me the first time when i locked myself out and tried to pry the door open. He helped…
  • Third day - met a friend from university that i hung with for the major part of the time there. We haven’t seen each other since maybe 2000 or so.

Sooo - i am looking forward to continue here and see how else work here, that i know. Maybe they all are friends of me?

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