AddIn - problem and solutions

· June 27, 2007

I ran into some problems when creating my addin. Here are the solution to them:

  1. When i used the OutputTaskItemString the items was shown in the Error list, but when i double clicked on them nothing happened. I also noticed that only the first error was shown in the Output-window, where all the errors was supposed to be shown. This was a real small but annoying problem. The strings you write to the output window (and to the task) needs to end with a newline. Quite obvious when you know it. When i changed that everything worked out just dandy
  2. Deploying my add-in was (and maybe still is) a pain. Mostly this probably has to do with that my current customer has the My Documents-folder on a network share, but i am not sure. I found two good articles surrounding this: and

Just some updates if you ever build an add-in of this kind

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