· June 15, 2007

There is a movement growing in Sweden called “The humanist” or something. They are not that many but since they are high profile people the tend to take a lot of medial space. Also they have a very hard and condemning tone in many of their articles and appearances.

Their main thesis (according to a TV-interview with their leader Christer Sturmark yesterday) is that they are against religion but all the bad things religion leads to.

Well, well, well - that is something extra i must say. (Sarcasm coming up:) Because all we religious people think that is the bad things that people do in the name of all religions are the thing to focus on. In fact - i think that, that is the whole idea with religion. Or isn’t it?

Seeing an embarrassing debate in TV yesterday, surrounding this, i thought of two things:

  • What is the meaning with debates when all people do are talk in each others mouth all the time? I counted to four simultaneous voices yesterday. Do they really think that we can hear what the say. No! We can’t. No even when you talk louder and louder. The last time i had that problem in discussion with my friends i was six years old. But maybe that is the way you’re supposed to act in TV. I don’t know.
  • You will never win a debate with the Humanist. They have made their mind up. Your own reason (don’t know the word; Swedish förnuft) and yourself know best.

So today i posted a small greeting to Christer Sturmark, just in case he didn’t know:

“Christer - i just wanted to say that if you ever feel that your own reason not is enough or if you own strength is running out, there is one that already loves you. Even if you don’t believe in him he believes in you. God bless you”

There is a SciFi-movie called Signs in which a good story exists. The movie is about aliens landing on the earth and wanting to “harvest” people. So of course everybody is scared out of their minds. One of the main characters is a priest and his brother ask him:

“What do you think, as a Christian, about this?”

“Well there are two kinds of people in the world; the ones that see all that (the aliens) and are very scared, they think about it and what will be done to them and they know; what ever happens their on there own to solve this.

Then there are the other people who see all that and are very scared, they think about it and what will be done to them and they know; what ever happens, they are not alone.

Who would you rather be with?”

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