· June 11, 2007

I’ve been away on a short trip to Paris for a few days. It was my surprise-birthday-present to Elin. She was really surprised also - i went to her workplace and played (of course) “our song” on my euphonium. I guess that it wasn’t too good since two people guessed that it was the fire alarm. This is, by far, the worst criticism i ever have gotten :).

Then we went to Paris and saw all the great things there; Sacre Couer, Eiffel Tower (yes - we went up. No - walked the first two levels, then elevator), L’arc Triumpic and Paris town in general. It really is a nice town. I’ve been there before and didn’t like it too much but now it was great.

The hotel we stayed in was not to great (Altona - don’t go there) and was run by two brothers that each of them was a Basil from Fawlty Towers on their own.

All in all a great trip. I’ll add some photos later on.

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