Dignity - gone!

· July 3, 2007

Here is a story about when my dignity was shredded. True i am afraid.

This weekend the Salvation Army Congress was held here in Sweden. We played with a small band on the last meeting, which of course was way to long for my tired eyes. So afterwards i rushed to get out instruments and packing.

Coming up from the basement i found a small boy (4 years maybe) pointing to a toilet saying: “He’s bleeding”. And right he was - in the toilet was another boy bleeding from his nose. A lot. Inside the toilet was also an old Salvation Army missionary women. And she was not afraid of digging in. I found her (ca 90 years mind you) wiping the floor and pinching the nose of the boy at the same time.

Of course I told her that she didn’t have to do that. I took over the situation, putting down the gear and with my euphonium on the back. The boy with the nosebleed was cleaned up - he was “mother-fainting”-messy, i can tell you. All of a sudden the boy outside cries: “I need the bathroom. Now!” Me: “Give us 30 seconds” Boy: “I can’t hold it” Me: “Uh-uh”

So we switched places. The small boy into the bathroom and me and mr Nosy outside. I put the bleeder in the stairs to rest.

The small boy cries again: “I am done…”. So i replied: “…well … come out then…”.

Well he didn’t so i open the door. He was still on the toilet looking at me, almost shameful: “I have made 2!” - How did he want me to react to that! Corking up the champange? Marcus: “Well…. done? Please come out” “I can’t clean myself”

Here i understood where this was going, should probably have been sooner but anyway… I found myself saying: “I’ll help you” Said and done. He “assumed” the position and for the first time ever i was wiping the butt of a four-year old. No, i said, no dignity left.

As this … scene was taking place the other boy opened the door and asked if he could have his coke back. I was surprised that he didn’t find the quite disturbing scene offensive at all.

When all this was done - the boys left. I wiped up some blood on the walls and door of the toilet. Took the rest of the gear and left also. Not in the mood for any food in a while but happy that they were both OK.

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