· July 13, 2007

Today is the last day of work for me… for the summer. Now a wonderful 4 week period of doing nothing much is starting.

For me the summer holds the following:

  • First two weeks of vac cation in Croatia with Elin and my sister (the first week) which should be very nice. We’re going to Pula but the plan is to go around and see other places. The main goal though is slow, nice and mind-winding vacation
  • Then home for a short while to wash up
  • The last part of the vacation is planned to be celebrated (yes, that’s the word :)) on Hypplen in the Gothenburg archipelago.

So as you can see not much in there about computers, agile development or euphoniums and brass bands. That’s the whole idea! Vacation.

So i how that you all will have or are having a nice one too. See ya’ll in the autumn - I’ll have some big news by then…

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