· August 20, 2007

I found a, what i thought was, hilarious sign in one of the major stores in Stockholm.

Above one of the cashiers a big sign hung that stated (roughly translation here) “No candy-exposure in this cashier”

How is it with the self-control of the people asking the store to up that sign:

  • “I’m sorry but i am on a diet and if i see a candy-bar i just must have it. Could you please have a cashier with no candy in it and put a sign above it so i know which one it is?”
  • “(smack) Yeah, i know i should not (chew, chew) eat these - but hey (gromp) it’s not my fault. Did you know that they put candy IN THE CASHIER??!! (smack) I stand helpless to that.”

For your information the rest of the store (as all stores) is cramped with candy and candy-exposure. I counted to ten rows of shelves with candy, just on the lower floor… And all the other cashiers also have candy.

Then there are people that say that this has to do with children - i don’t know… much about that but it’s just one of the many things that i am looking forward to understand in half a year.

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