Marcus - the model?

· August 21, 2007

OK - today was one of the strangest days in my working life - at least if you look on what i did…

Avega is doing a makeover of our website - which, if we are honest was needed for a while. On the site the want to show some of our consultant. Also they wanted to show their hobbies and activities from outside of work.

So i have been posing in my “working outfit” - that was quite a bit more formal than i usually have - and in the Salvation Army uniform and euphonium.

I pictures was actually quite nice, surprisingly with me on them… Nothing naked (as IF??) and just nice pictures. I post them and a link to the pictures on the Avega - site as they are released.

Also i found the whole experience quite nice - might strike up a new career here… or maybe not :)

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