New (better?) refactoring support for VB.NET

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on August 17, 2007
As I've written before the refactoring support in Visual Studio 2005 is non-existing (or at least very very bad) for Visual Basic.

So we have to settle with third party products. The best I've found is Refactor! but it's not very good either (my studio hangs from time to time after installing Refactor!).

But now there are new hopes; a new version of Refactor! is highlighted when the studio is started. Download the new version here for free and see a movie about its use here.

Refacator! still has the coolest GUI I've seen for a long time. Not that usable maybe but cool.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the product to be better than earlier versions... which is pretty hard when you are programming ;)

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