A lot of Team System

· September 27, 2007

This entire week has been concerned with Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio Team System (VSTS).

There are really a lot of interesting features in this product. Some are excellent (the source control system and the ability to share data in the development project) and some not excellent yet (i miss a lot of easy configuration stuff for msbuild for example). In short i like it. A lot.

But the more i learn about TFS the more i want to use TFS to the full extend of the product. I have a hunch that it will rock more and more as you start to use more and more features.

There are also a lot of interesting and useful stuff on the NET about it. Here are some introduction videos for example: http://teamsystemrocks.com/tutorials/

ps. Changed my mind - that link is GREAT. The first two videos i saw could have helped us so much at the outset of our project…

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