Scrum - bringing fun back to development

· September 13, 2007

OK - I’ll make no fuzz about it. I am really excited about Scrum and what it can do. But now after two complete days with mr Scrum, Ken Schwaber, i am completely turned around. It was as closed to a religious wake-up as you will ever come without God.

I can’t imagine how development can be done with certainty, speed and most of all FUN - in any other way… Also i am a bit embarrassed about the way I’ve counted and tried to predict everything in advance - just half a year ago.

The big differences are also the easiest - things like that people can take care of them self, change will always (ALWAYS) occur.

So as long as i have a say in the question i will always conduct my projects as Scrum projects from now on. There is really no other way if you want quality. If i don’t have a say i’ll still try to run them as Scrum projects, just because i know it’s best :)

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