Strange, sad things happening

· October 18, 2007

The last few weeks there have been a lot of really strange and sad things happening in my network of friends and relatives. There have been deaths, suicidals, people nearly dying, relationships ending and several friends with some pretty serious problems to handle.

At the same time i feel like i am on the right place and at the right time in life. I experience the best project and learning experience of my life at work, i love the band and my corps and most of all Elin and I have never had it better.

Why is this? It feels really strange to still feel … not happy but strong, maybe. I can only take it as a blessing from God and that i hope that i can be of support to anyone who needs me. I cannot count the number of times it’s been the other way around.

My thoughts and prayers goes out to all the people who i have been in contact with surrounding these things the last couple of weeks.

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