Swedish brass band championships 2007 - follow-up

· November 13, 2007

As I predicted the Swedish Brass band championships this year was mostly a formal matter when it comes the first places.

Windcorp of course took the top honors. They weren’t treated really when Stockholms Brass band didn’t show up. That Solna was second was not too surprising either.

After that it was quite open and i congratulate Malmö Brass band with the third place. And that Torsby was fourth was a real feat - well done Torsby and Berit Palmquist!

BK was a bit of a disappointment since they usually play very well. I had them as third in my prediction.

So there you have it - lets hope that Stockholm Brass band hangs in there for another year so that the competition will get exciting again. Windcorp right now is miles ahead of the rest of the field and that cannot be good for anybody.

For full results see http://www.brassband.se/main.php?page=85

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