2007 - coming to an end

· December 20, 2007

So - the end of 2007 is closing in and it is time to do some retrospectives. I always find it fun to look back and see what have happened during the last year. Here are some highlights (or important stuff) that happened in my life during 2007.

  • We are going to have a baby! And it’s soon - January 2008
  • Moved to a bigger apartment
  • Became a certified SCRUM-master and got to run several SCRUM-projects
  • I was involved in building my best application to date - with a great bunch of people
  • The Vasa corps Band of the Salvation army has really come to a renaissance. We have a wonderful fellowship, we are doing thing for the right reason and the band plays quite good also
  • I was in the group the made the “Vasakårens Jul”-concert at Nybrokajen 11 - and it was a hit.
  • I was compere at the Windcorp Christmas concerts
  • On the sad side - Bengt Eklund was “promoted to glory”. The funeral was so hard on a lot of us - i got the opportunity to be host for the reception afterwards. This was not fun but felt very good to do.
  • I decided to become Sergent major at the Vasa Corps. This a role that has a lot to do with people and God - and i think i finally found a role that suites me (that is without and administrative or economical responsibilities)

Finally - i still have a lot of very good friends, a challenging and mostly fun job, the best family and i am blessed in everything i do. So that pretty much sums it up - a GREAT year is to an end. And the next one will be even better….

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