2008 - what a year to look forward to!

· January 2, 2008

So - here we are at the beginning of a new year. Prepare your fingers of writing 08, 2008 and so on, i know that it will take me a month or so to get use to it.

Here are a of the things i look forward to in 2008:

  • Of course - becoming a father. No - nothing yet. But soon!
  • Recording a CD with my band, the Vasa Band. The band has been working so hard for a long time now. It will be great to record it for real. Also i will be playing a solo on the CD which is a first for me. I will be playing my favorite solo in the Salvation Army literature “Journey into peace” by William Himes. That will also be great
  • Becoming a Sergent Major at the Vasa Corps. For the first time i really feel that a role suites me.
  • Rebuilding the Vasa Corps - from 28/12 2007 it’s in progress. We are now rebuilding the corps. YEEES - it took about five years to come to a decision. Packing are in progress

These are just a few of the things i look forward to. I hope that your year will be as exciting as mine is sure to be.

God bless you

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