ASP.NET MVC - start

· January 14, 2008

I am really hooked on a new thing from Microsoft called ASP.NET MVC - which could be understood as “a project template for ASP.NET to easily build applications with the ModelViewControl (MVC)-pattern”

I can now safely confess that i have actually never liked or fully understood the ASP.NET programming model with Web Forms and User Controls. It just to complicated to digest - a lot of events firing, on some you can see the controls of the page and on other you don’t. I don’t like it! At all!

But that is all in the passed from now (for me and a lot of other as it seems), because now the ASP.NET MVC exists as a wonderful alternative. There are already a CTP (preview) to download and also some really good introductions to the concept.

Here is my short-lists of must-reads and sees:

Well, to summaries, i just love this way of looking at web applications. It feels like: “Finally - i understand it!”. I will never (or not without some serious debating first) build in any other way, as i see it now

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