New life!

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on February 5, 2008

Things are settling down over here again... After a week at home with Albert (the most probable name of our son) we are now actually thinking that we might make it. ;)

There are so many clichés about becoming a parent but it is really something that you can't imagine. You are tossed between loving the child - sometimes too much even - to becoming very frustrated because you can't understand him.

Abbe (our son) is, up to now, well behaved and sleeps most of the night with one feeding at about 4 am. That doesn't cost to much sleep so we both feel ok. However his still has to learn how to eat (breast feed) so each feeding moment is a battle. Most often Elin and I win and he finally is full.
I am really suprised that this is not talked about more. From a small empirical investigation it seems that most childs have this problem.

Well this "problem" is small in comparision to the joy of having the child. We love him! It's quite amazing how you can feel so much about a child that you just met 10 days ago... But he is really the apple of our eye.

At the top are some more pictures of hime

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