Recording with the Vasa Band

· February 17, 2008

Phew - the weekend has really been intense with a CD-recording as the major happening. Also our prayer group was in charge of the Sunday morning meeting which was a success but quite different from an ordinary Salvation Army meeting.

The band has performed at a very high and consistent level through out the weekend. I am so proud of the band! This is very much an amateur band and still we manage to play very well and to record quite a lot of material during the weekend. These pieces were recorded:

  • Herren vår Gud - fanfare preludium by Andreas Holmlund
  • Onward - disco upbeat song by Andreas
  • Låt din Altarglöd beröra mig - meditative piece by Andreas
  • O hur Saligt - short song arrangement by Hans Nordin
  • Take up thy cross - another meditative piece by Erik Leidzén. Very hard to pull off.
  • Este es el Dia - latin influenced piece by Andrew Mackereth
  • Winchester Revival - a quick march by Kenneth Downie

Our bandmaster, Andreas Holmlund, did a marvellous job during the weekend. He has such a great ear and really has the ability to get it good enough. One weekend done - on to go. Keep going Vasa Band - it is an honour to belong to such a nice group.

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