Recording session II

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on March 27, 2008
Yesterday evening was the last rehearsal before the second and last recording session with my band, the Vasa Band.

We are really in a flow right now; we feel blessed and that God is with us in our efforts and the playing standard is on very high level.

I am really looking forward to the weekend which will be great fun and a lot of hard work. The pieces we are going to record are:
  • I Surrender All - a cornet solo by Andreas Holmlund
  • Priority - a "major" piece by Anders Beijer
  • Swing the pearly gates - swing piece (duh!) by Andreas Holmlund
  • Kan Kristus räkna med dig - another swing piece by Andreas Holmlund
  • Journey into Peace - euphonium solo by William Himes
  • Hawthorne march - a march from the 1920's

I am really proud of the band and i am sure that this will be great.

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