2008 European Championships - the results

· May 5, 2008

The European is now to an end and some shocking results was delivered…. Here is the complete results, where you can note that the Oberoesterreich Brass Band were placed 10/11 which is really strange since they got some raving reviews.

For our Swedish contender things didn’t work out to well. I think that the approach to a competition is shown very clear with the results. For band - with a lot of amateurs, like Stavanger, Cory or Willebroek - it’s life and death stuff. For bands with mostly pros things aren’t as serious. And then you don’t win any competitions against the other group. A 9 place for Stockholm Brass Band may have been a correct adjudication.

And for me things went quite well. My predictions had the right three top bands, but not in the right order. I am not a big fan of Cory but apparently they kicked some serious butt in both events. Well done and well deserved then.

I always hope for the Norwegians to do well since I have a lot of friends there. Not this time (either?) for Stavanger. Well, there is always next year.

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