Avega - I like it!

· May 5, 2008

My company, Avega, is back from a conference on Iceland.

The conference in it self was a great success. Very well organised, good weather (which does NOT happen often at Iceland, from what i understand), great fun with great people.

But once again I come to think about how blessed I am with my surroundings. I’ll give you an picture which I have experienced several times the last year or so:

Think about when you have done something extra with others, for example went to a camp, a great vacation or some thing else of that kind. When you are traveling home you always get a strange feeling with a strong sense of wanting it to go on, don’t you?

Well, for me, it does!

This weekend i have had some great times with a great bunch of people. Lots of interesting, fun and engaging discussions and get togethers. Lots of things going well in the group, people getting rewarded for efforts during the year. Doing a lot of fun stuff together.

And that is were I work! What a feeling!

I have the same feeling with my family, my Salvation Army Corps and my band… and that pretty much sums up the things I do. The only word i can think of that explains that is blessed. I am truly blessed in my life right now.

Thank you all you Avegaean (oh yeah, even cooler in English) people for a great weekend.

PS Here is a film clip of the diving crew of Avega. Thanks to Pål for letting us non-divers in on the “action”.

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