· May 26, 2008

Today is kind of a special day at work. After the normal work day we have invited my customer to Avega for an evening of some, hopefully interesting and fun presentation.

Why I am hoping this is because I am doing the presentations, and the “fun” part.

The first part is a SOA-presentation together with a colleague - Robert Södergren. Here we will try to answer the not-so-easy-answered-question “What is SOA?”.

For the fun is something even more nerve-wrecking; I often take the opportunity to play my euphonium and tell people little about the Salvation Army. Nothing special there. But this time I have chosen to end the session by playing the infamous Carnival of Venice, by Arban.

I know - it’s my own choice and all that - but it was a bit harder than I expected to get it up to “wow”-factor. I am not quite sure I am there yet - to be honest. I’ll get back to you.

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