Over soon

· June 18, 2008

As you might have notices the activity on the blog has been quite low for a couple of weeks. This has to do with loads of stuff piling up at work and a fully booked private calender.

The new project, that I am involved in at work, is really fun but also one of the most dazed I’ve been in. We are throwing ideas out the window every other hour. Last week I was in a design meeting from Monday morning at nine to Thursday afternoon at three. Also - as always in between these hectic meetings it’s quite hard to have thing to be busy with all the time. Confusing but very true - it will be a great project when we get the form for it (and we are well under way…)

Private - there have been things to do almost every day for the last three weeks now, since the marathon. This weekend is the last of these. When it gets like this I can’t find peace to rest even when I am free. Sad but true. It just feels like another “item to be checked off in the calender”.

Well - as I was saying; I can see the light in the tunnel. That must be a good thing… don’t you think? ;)

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