ReSharper and the messed up Intellisense

· June 4, 2008

Let me at the start of the post first say that I love ReSharper. It is by far the best refactoring support that can be found for VB.NET. I haven’t yet used it for C# but are told but esteemed colleague that it rocks.

But… (there is always a but isn’t it?) it messes up the Intellisense in my Visual Studio. The same colleague (kudos to Jocke) tipped me on how to solve it and here it is;

Open the options for ReSharper and choose Intellisens->General->Use Visual Studio. This will not give you as much support for “Smart Completion” but I’ll take that over missing Intellisense everyday in the week, and twice on Sundays.

Next - open the Visual Studio options and recheck that you have Intellisense enabled for are your languages.

Finally restart the Visual Studio - just to be sure that this is saved properly.

Again - the refactoring support with ReSharper is great compared to everything else out there, for VB.NET. But this is not so good - at least now you know how to solve it. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next version

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