The vacation - short recap

· August 5, 2008

As I wrote earlier I’ve just spent four wonderful weeks on vacation. Great times and great feeling to do something completely different for a month.

First we went to Skåne and stayed for a week in Ystad, in this nice cottage.

Only about 1.90 m in height but it worked out alright. In the surrounding fields Elin took a Gladiator-inspired photo.

Then we went to Ängelholm at the other side of Skåne and stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast, Galleri Grythyttan, with a very beautiful view from our bedroom window.S


Then we went to Denmark to visit my parents and sister. The Denmark visit included a short stop at Skagen where two oceans meet. Powerful stuff!


Finally back to Sweden and Hyppeln in the Gothenburg archipelago. Here we had ten superdays that were all spent at the beach. Abbe took his first bath in the ocean. Loved it!


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