Full speed and free

· September 26, 2008

My situation right now is quite strange for me. The project I am involved in at work is really running full speed ahead - with my largest Scrum-team so far, 9 people - and at the same time I have some days a week off.

This has to do with a great Swedish invention called parenthood leave (my translation). When you think about it, it’s actually quite amazing - I get a lot of days from the government to be with my child. Sweden is fantastic.

The hard part for me is to switch on and off since I am not a work a day a week (or so) I still have my mind on ODP.NET, WCF and Aspects. But hey - I might learn.

Today me and Abbe have been on a really long walk around some beautiful archipelago right in the middle of Stockholm. That was great! And more of those days are coming. I’ll be sure to bring my camera for the subsequent “tours”.

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