PostSharp - a new aspect on coding

· September 26, 2008

Yesterday I went to an lecture at Avega by Gael Fraiteur. who has built the Aspect Oriented framework PostSharp.

This was right up my ally and quite frankly the AOP way of doing things is something I have strived for but never knew how.

However the frameworks on the market all comes with an cost or buy-in. Either you’ll have to use some sort of factory or context (Spring.NET, Castle or PIAB) to create your objects or (as in the PostSharp case) it will hurt your build time.

But Gael also tipped us on a way of combining PostSharp with Enterprise Library (PostSharp4EntLib) to get “the best of both worlds”. This seems reasonable to us since we’re currently using Enterprise Library for other stuff.

I am longing to get rid of the exception handling, tracing and logging code once and for all…

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