VasaBand - full speed ahead

· September 23, 2008

The band I am playing in - the Vasa band - is right now in a great form, great spirit and on full speed ahead;

  • Last Sunday we did a concert in Sundbyberg - first for the season. It went very well and was good received.
  • Our website - (or - is soon to be launched. It looks great I think. Great work Samuel!
  • We are in the last preparations for our new CD - Priority
  • On Wednesday the 8 October 19.30 there will be a release party on Centrumkåren, [Drottningatan 66](
  • Two days later we will be heading out on a tour to promote the CD. The tour will take us to Lidköping, Göteborg and Jönköping.
  • The season will end with a Christmas concert.

Lot’s of stuff but I love every minute of it. I wouldn’t want to do this with no others!

Let’s go!

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