Back from the road and well again

· October 14, 2008

The last week marked a significant step in this year for the Vasa Band. We released our brand new CD Priority (as I wrote about here) and also embarked on a small tour of the western part of Sweden.

The tour was great - and the greatest part about it was the way we felt that our message was received and understood. It’s always good to be on a tour, especially with this band, but this was something else; we had really worked hard on getting the message about Jesus across and crystal clear and it seems as it worked.

I am right now editing some of the recorded music and it doesn’t sound to bad either. Hopefully some of it will be posted on the Vasa Band homepage in a while.

Oh yeah - I became sick on the last day, and the journey home was a pain. I got sick to my stomach and most of all needed a toilet (where I subsequently spent most of the night ;)) and not to sit in a minivan trying to … keep it in. Painful! I am better now though.

Thank you band for a great weekend. I love you guys!

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