Configuration of WCF-binding

· October 20, 2008

This area is (in the words of Juwal Löwy) “truly vast”. And as I read somewhere else most of the properties doesn’t make sense to the common programmer. We (yeah, I’m one of the common ones) just want it to work.

Also, when it comes to configuring WCF services Microsoft has gone the complete opposite way from their normal way of doing things; normally Microsoft hides everything you don’t need to know from you and you’ll have to dig to get to the advanced things. When it comes to WCF all the possible values are shown right off - scared the living daylights of of me. Just add a reference to a WCF-service and check your client .config-file.

So what to do - well I’m sorry but you’ll need to know quite a bit of information, here are some resources that I have found useful:

I’ll try to post some examples of how to do certain things as I need to do them. Here is the first: How to configure wsHttpBinding for no security

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