Oracle, ODP.NET, TFS Build and running tests under service account

· October 24, 2008

We have for several days now been chasing a bug for a couple of days now. Very, very annoying…

Here is how it goes:

We have a unit test on that calls an stored procedure in Oracle, using ODP.NET. On our local machine (and also on the test server) everything works fine. But when the build script is running the unit test, a out-parameter of the DATE-datatype was always returned as NULL.

This was so strange since it’s the same code against the same database instance. The difference was that is was another account, the TFS Build Service Account, that was running the tests.

The solution was to configure the regional settings for TFS Build Service Account to use Swedish (in our case) Regional Settings as the default user profile.


**[UPDATED] **That checkbox should be checked!

So good to solve this. Thanks to the anonymous “client dude” that helped us solve this on his way to lunch…

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