ReSharper crashes

· October 23, 2008

First and foremost- I love Resharper (4.0), but I think that some small flaws are still there and does bad things…

Two things are at the top of my list (in all honesty I must admit that I can’t be 100% sure that ReSharper has to do with this but both of them has occurred after I’ve installed ReSharper):

  • ASPX-pages are very, very slow to load in design-mode. It can take about a minute to switch from the html-code to the design-view
  • The Build supervisor (you know, the view where you stare at the progress of the build, keep your fingers crossed and hopes for only green dots…) crashes very frequently.

I have reported these bugs to ReSharper and hope that a fix will be available to fix this. I still love Resharper though.

Oh yeah - that’s right - I found that the TFS Web Access has some great view of the build progress in the browser, where Resharper cannot touch it. So I created a link there which works great:


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