RockBox and upgrading my IRiver

· October 1, 2008

I own a, now, quite old MP3 player called IRiver H320. And even though I am often heckled by IPod-owners I still love it. It has some features that no-one have included in another product. For example:

  • The possibility to directly connect it to another device and move stuff between them.
  • You can download a separate operating system and install that on the device if you like.

That second point is quite cool and I’ve just downloaded the latest version of RockBox - a free open source operating system for MP3-players. Quite cool as I wrote a long time ago… Their installer was also something quite extra. Best I’ve seen in a long, long time - it literally was one or two clicks.

The only thing that remains to be solved is that my battery is very short-lived now. I’ve been using the IRiver everyday more or less, for 3 years straight, so I presume that it’s OK.

Found this great site,, where you can buy batteries for almost any device imaginable. Great!

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