Swedish Brass Band Championships 2008

· November 7, 2008

OK - it’s so late for this. They have probably started soon. But here is my predictions for the Swedish Brass Band championships:

The winner is almost obvious - Windcorp Brass band is the best band in Sweden now and for a long time ahead. They play so well and have loads of experience to go with it. They will win. Probably with a big margin as well.

Number two should be Stockholm Brass Band. They have the best line-up, but it consists of mostly professionals. And rehearsing for two weeks straight without pay is not the highest priority. Also it has been some sickness disturbing the preparations.

Solna Brass will most likely take the third place. But they are a dark horse to nick Stockholm at the first one. They meet every week and rehears very serious. They could do it.

So here is the probable order:

  1. First: Windcorp Brass band
  2. Second: Stockholm Brass Band
  3. Third: Solna Brass

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